Monday, December 15, 2014

Snow Village

Our snow village dates back to our first house.  I don't recall the first year we put it out but it was around 1990.  The original "village" consisted of Big Bill's Garage and a house.  Somewhere along the line we added Graceland.  I change it a little each year and for some reason felt compelled to take pictures this year.  Here are a few...

The Santa is off a sleigh my family had when I was young

A pig on the porch?

Who let the dogs out?

Elvis fans taking a picture outside of Graceland.

Danger Zone!



Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I meant to get this posted sooner.  It was 50 degrees the Saturday after Thanksgiving but not on T-Day.  It was a cold day so we stayed inside and played games.  Unfortunately we didn't get out for our annual walk or hike through the woods.

But we had a great day and were blessed to celebrate four generations and we welcomed again the Kansas crew.

The food was tasty as always and we capped the day playing Royal Rummy with nine players!


I wisely have turned over carving duties to Steve.
Who knew clean up was so much fun?

Keep those cards close to the vest!
A few needed some remedial help with suits...

Here is the entire crew for 2014.  Four generations.
As usual, Russ gets the last word...


Friday, November 28, 2014

Deer Crossing

We knew we had traffic behind our fence but fun to see what happens at night.  Here are the first images I pulled from Steve's trail camera.  (The dates on the photos are not correct).


And here's the big boy.  Steve counted nine points and would describe as a "basic 8 with a split g-3 on his right side".  For a "score" Steve would rate him low 150s high 140s on the Pope and Young system.  He's guessing his age around 4 1/2 years.  I asked him if he would let him go by.  He said it would be a game-time decision but would definitely grab his bow.  But he wouldn't get mounted.

Stay tuned.  I've taken the camera down for now.  I need to fix the date on it.  And I need to tip off my other neighbor that is sort of the caretaker of the woods...need to let him know what I'm up to.
Russ and me on patrol.